Linden won #Wellacares  Hairdressers at Heart Challenge in 2015

for his campaign CLEANYOU!  that he has brought to Calfornia.

The CLEANYOU! is a campaign that teaches grade school and preteen’s how to take pride in their hygiene and correctly use products, and get an idea of the importance of good grooming habits.

In the assembly our CLEANYOU! team teaches the importance of shampoos, conditioners, soaps and other personal products. They discuss how to use the products correctly, and issues that ones can have if not caring for themselves or having bad hygiene habits.

“I felt that this program was an important step to getting todays youth to take pride in themselves that is so important. So many great programs have been cut in our schools for the simple fact that they do not simply have a budget for it. My campaign is no cost to the schools and students.With the help of donors and product brands we can really get these students what they need for their future.”

~ Linden Tyler Glavich

For more information on the Campaign please telephone or email,

Landline: 707-441-9428

Email via the World wide web:

To learn more about this campaign click the links below about Linden & Company’s press in regards to CLEANYOU!


Education in schools that every child should know.