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Custom Airbrush Spray Tanning is the perfect alternative to the harmful rays of the sun. It is also a fantastic way to even out a tan, fix tan lines, or even give you an extra boost of color.

Spray tanning provides all of the effects of a beach tan with none of the consequences like skin cancer or wrinkles.

Our airbrush tanning provides a safe, semi-permanent way to achieve a flawless tan.  Perfect for before a wedding, vacation, prom,  or night out on the town.

DHA comes from plants like sugar cane and reacts with amino acids in the skin layers, much like when an apple turns brown when left out in the air, the amino acids in your skin react when the DHA is applied and the skin darkens over a short time.

How long will my airbrush tan last?

Your airbrush tan will be at its darkest the first day and fade away daily through skin replacement. The tan will remain visible for 5 days with care and may last up to 14 days with extreme care. Of course, during the fading process, the rich, dark appearance will continually decrease, as your skin sloughs away. Everyone's skin replacement cycle is different, due to genetics, skin care, and health. Keep in mind that some of our clients swear that their tan lasts up to 3-4 weeks.

How can I get my airbrush tan to last longer and have a beautiful airbrush tan?

Clients who take exceptional care of their skin have longer lasting results.

20 bits of knowledge to aide in a longer lasting tan:

# 1- Prior to your airbrush tan, completely and thoroughly exfoliate your entire body.

  #2-Prior to your airbrush tan appointment, do not wear make-up, deodorant, moisturizer or any other product that could hinder your skin's ability to absorb the airbrush tan. 

#3- Wear loose fitting and dark clothing when you come for your airbrush tanning session and continue to wear these clothes for up to 4-6 hours after your airbrush session (until you shower).  Avoid bras, tight under garments, socks, and tight shoes. These will wear-off the airbrush tan in those areas and leave a tan line. Wear flip flops if possible, if you forget, don't sweat it. We sell disposable flip flops in our salon.

#4-Airbrush solution may stain garments and could stain your vehicle, clothing, or furniture. Avoid rubbing.  Keep this in mind while determining what to wear. Use caution until you shower.

#5- Prior to your airbrush tan, remove all makeup.

#6- Prior to your airbrush tan, bring moisturizer with you to the salon. Our staff will tell you what to do with it. If you forget to bring your moisturizer, it's o.k., we sell quality, and properly pH balanced moisturizers.

#7- Prior to your airbrush tan, you should shave any areas of your body that you normally shave. Shaving is an exfoliating process by itself. Be careful not to use an oily shaving product. If you wait to shave after your airbrush tan, you will speed up the skin replacement process. You are encouraged to use moisturizing shaving products after an airbrush tan, but not prior to your airbrush tan.

#8-Listen to the advice of our highly trained staff. Our staff will choose an airbrush solution for your skin tone that will leave you with a natural looking tan. We carry different variations of airbrush tanning solutions. This will prevent an unnatural appearance.

#9-Do not shower for a minimum of 4 hours and ideally 6 hours after your airbrush tanning session. During this "processing time" you cannot do physical activities that may require your skin to become wet. This includes, swimming, bathing, showering, gardening, sauna sessions, massages, and other activities that require the use of liquids or cause your body to sweat. You are free to resume these activities after your tan has fully processed and your first shower.

#10-Your first shower should be a light shower where you are simply rinsing the excess airbrush solution off of the surface of your skin. Do not exfoliate during this shower. You have previously exfoliated in your shower prior to your airbrush tanning session. Your first shower is a light rinse with warm water only.

#11-Avoid bar soaps, as these have higher pH levels. This will cause your skin to dry and cause your skin replacement cycle to speed up more rapidly. This could cause pre-mature fading of any tan including a natural tan.

#12-Moisturize after showers. Lowering the pH of your skin after water exposure is very important to the health of your skin and assists in pro-longing the life of any tan, including a natural tan.

#13- Use tan extending moisturizers that have trace amounts of DHA. Be careful not to use moisturizers with a high level pH or too much DHA, this could make your tan orange.

#14-Keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of fresh water daily, this will promote healthy skin. Healthy skin equals a healthy tan.

#15-Avoid long hot baths, shower instead.

#16-Avoid pro-longed periods in water and the pool. Believe it or not water dries out your skin, especially chlorinated water!

#17-WAIT!------- Make sure you have completely sloughed off all of your previous airbrush tan prior to getting another, this could cause an airbrush "build up". An airbrush tan build up is unattractive and unnatural looking! If you choose to receive an airbrush tan more than once every 20 days without  DHA moisturizers, or 30 days while using DHA moisturizing tan extenders, we cannot be responsible for the results. The previous airbrush tan must be removed entirely prior to getting another one. Even if you believe that it has all faded away, don't be fooled! An airbrush tan looks so real that as it fades, you actually fool yourself into believing that it is your real skin color! Well guess what? Yes, it has faded a lot, but it has still not completely faded. You have gotten spoiled with that dark tan and yes, you really were that white! If you choose to re-apply another airbrush tan to an existing airbrush tan to boost the darkness of your current airbrush tan, we cannot be responsible for the unnatural appearance and build-up (possible freckling & cracking) of your new airbrush tan.

# 18- Try to evenly exfoliate your body when you shower and don't over-do the exfoliation. You want your tan to last. Common areas of airbrush tan build up usually occur around the feet, ankles, behind the knees, heels, neck, behind the under arms, etc. There is a chance that you could form a build-up of airbrush tanning solution in those areas. This could cause an unnatural appearance in future airbrush tanning sessions. These are common "build up" areas.

#19- If you would like another airbrush tan and absolutely can’t wait before getting another, SCRUB! Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Remove as much of your old airbrush tan as possible before receiving your next one.

#20- Tell your friends! We give discounts for client referrals.

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