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      Our massage suite is a warm and relaxing hideaway that will surely provide you the escape you are looking for from the outside world. Our massage therapist Cheri is well educated in the art of touch, body, and relaxation.

                                              Come and relax in the calming atmosphere of

                                               The LINDEN & COMPANY Salon & Spa.

Top Reasons to get a Massage

  1. Reduce Stress

  2. Relieve pain

  3. Lower blood pressure

  4. Improve attitude and alertness

  5. Enhance and maintain good health

  6. Prevent injury and illness

  7. Improve posture

  8. Recover from injury more quickly

  9. Relax muscle tension and improve mobility and flexibility

  10. Stimulate and detoxify the body

  11. It just feels wonderful!

Before the massage

  1. You will want to make sure that you turn off all electronic devices when entering the massage suite. This is so that you can enjoy your massage without interruption.

  2. Use the restroom prior to your massage.

  3. Do not eat a heavy meal nor drink alcohol prior to the massage.

  4. Good communication is important. Before the session, let your massage therapist know what your needs are. During the massage session, report any discomfort, whether from the massage or anything else -- room temperature, music volume, lighting, etc. Feel free to give feedback on the amount of pressure, speed of movement, etc.

Feel free to relax after your massage

The Spa is all about taking life at a slower speed. Of course, we want you at your appointment right on time. We urge you to relax after your massage and stay awhile in our reception lounge and continue to unwind and sip complimentary coffee or tea.

After your massage

  1. Drink Plenty Of Water: Massaging your muscles can get them to release toxins. Make sure to stay hydrated to flush them out of your system faster.

  2. Don't Quit Just Because You Feel Better: Prevention is always better than treatment and a maintenance plan can keep you feeling good. People who get regular massages tend to report better results than those who just go in when they absolutely have to. Treat it as you would any other activity that can help your well being. Rather than considering it a pampering luxury, make it a part of your new healthy lifestyle!

  3. Give Yourself Some Time: You may not always feel better right away. Extremely tight muscles before a massage can even make you feel even a little sorer right after getting a massage. The toxins that are released may even make you feel a little sick. Sometimes a few treatments may be needed for you to feel complete relief. Talk to your therapist about anything you experience and he or she can suggest other things, such as stretching exercises, to make the process faster and easier.

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                                           Couples Massage by Appointment 616-3743
                      (Pre Booking of 24 hours needed. Pricing after 6pm prices vary) 

One Hour Swedish $170.00 for a Couple                        One Hour Deep Tissue  $210.00 for a Couple
1 1/2 Hour Swedish $210.00 for a Couple                        1 1/2 Hour  Deep Tissue $260.00 for a Couple

*Promotions subject to Change*

Keeping you satisfied with our service is our #1 priority and keeping you delighted about our services is our ultimate goal. If you have any issue with your service we will be happy to attempt to make you have a fantastic experience and adjust any issues you may have to give you the satisfaction you deserve. When booking all appointments are subject to a 50% - 100% charge of service for missed appointments or appointments canceled less than 24 hours in advance. By booking an appointment you are accepting these terms.  Spa parties pricing is based on current non sale pricing unless stated by practitioner. Special massage deals may differ in package deals, ask your practitioner if you have any questions as prices are subject to change.

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