For that special day

                                                                   “You do good hair.”
                                                                                 ~Carson Kressley~
    Mr. Kressley could not have put it better if he tried. Short and simple.
While chosen as “The salon stylist for weddings in Humboldt”  for the launch of Carson Nation on OWN Network, Carson Kressley summed up what brides for years have been saying.
    Each wedding by The LINDEN & COMPANY Salon & Spa is catered to making the best experience possible for the bride’s special day. Small weddings locally, or flying across the states, each wedding is important to us as it compliments the bride’s signature style. We honestly are a   “one stop” for all wedding needs. Hair, Nails, Makeup, Skin, and even Massage to get you all ready for one of the most memorable days of your life. Ask about our add on services such as, Eyelash extensions, Hair Extensions, Facial & Massage packages, and gorgeous Makeup. By Appointment. 707-441-9428

*Pricing based on Consultation.  $120 added to total when staff goes to location and minimum of three Hair/makeup services at destination. Non refundable deposit is due at booking. 
Reserving Wedding dates with a non refundable cash deposit when booking future dates.
                                                                    Wedding Styles Starting at $60 in Spa 
                                                                   Wedding Makeups Starting at $75 in Spa
                                                        Consultations for Hair $40 & Makeup Consulting $45 .
(these consults will feature a makeup and hair trial but will not be able to be used for engagement photos or promotional. Separate bookings for photos will reflect in pricing)
Our brides really are the most gorgeous around...

Ask about our wedding Packages!Salon_and_Spa.html

*Prices subject to change.

When booking all appointments are subject to a 50% - 100% charge of service for missed Bridal appointments or Bridal appointments canceled less than a month in advance. By booking an appointment you are accepting these terms. A $120 fee for traveling outside of the spa and minimums will apply.  The Bridal event  is subject  to a non refundable deposit of half of the total to ensure holding of date which will be due at booking. Please explain to bridal party that pricing is not subject to negotiation.

To book a consult please call: 707-441-9428. Consults may not be used for a photoshoot, pricing for photoshoot styling is listed above.